Monthly Archives: March 2008

MySQL import / export at the Command Line

Like many (most?) developers when I work with a database I tend to manage them using another programme – usually either phpMyAdmin or Navicat. However there are times when you have to get basic again and dig down to the Command Line (usually because of an access issue like a firewall setting you can’t change… Read more »

A Theory of Project Costs

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of though to the way costs for projects are estimated. It always seems a very hit and miss affair. One designer I used to work with used to work out the costs as accurately as he could and then double whatever number he came up with – this worked… Read more »

widgEditor is back…

Over the weekend I found out that Cameron Adams aka The Man in blue has just released a new version of the fabulous widgEditor – an easy to use and easy to modify WYSIWYG editor mad with XHTML and JavaScript. It has been 3 years since he released the 1st version so it is great… Read more »