Monthly Archives: January 2008


in MySQL using a LEFT JOIN is a simple way of find records that exist in one table but which have no corresponding records in another table. An example might be in a JOIN table that exists between two other tables e.g. A user can have many notes and notes can themselves have many users… Read more »

Yesterday in MySQL

Sometimes the simplest things just won’t stay in your head. Personally I can never remember code for date based calculations, and it easier to find what I want here than look it up on Here is a very simple way of comparing (or getting) dates: Example delete all records older than 1 day from… Read more »

A simple jQuery menu with persistence using cookies

Recently I’ve been making a concerted effort to learn jQuery the JavaScript framework as opposed to just using all the wonderful plugins off the shelf. Recently I needed a bit of code to show and hide a navigation menu, but with persistence using cookies so as you move from page to page it can remember… Read more »

Stained :: new work by Nick Kaplony

My friend Nick has new show coming up. It is about time too – I’ve been seeing these Rorschach things hanging about in house and his studio for years now and I’m glad they have finally come together into something exciting. I can’t wait to see them. As its inaugural exhibition Way East presents Stained;… Read more »