Monthly Archives: November 2007

Art Thing

My new website has come a little bit closer. Art-thing is going to be a place to find exhibition listings, artist’s opportunities, galleries guides and books – orientated at the more contemporary / conceptual end of things, but hey, anyone is welcome… We will be looking for contributors to write reviews and keep up… Read more »

Form data in the View

Using CakePHP all your form fields are normally populated automatically, it is easy to forget that to access the POST array all you need to do is use either: $this->data or $this->params[‘data’] pr(); on either of these will present you with something like: Array ( [Book] => Array ( [id] => 402 [name] => Everything… Read more »

Chocolate Factory Open Studios

Nothing to do with me, just a bit of shameless PR for my friends Sean, Claire and Nick who do have a studio there. (BTW I used to have a studio in a completely different place, but which was also coincidentally called the Chocolate Factory…) Sat 24 Nov 2007 – Sun 2 Dec 2007 The… Read more »