Monthly Archives: October 2007

Big Issue Article

I had a brief mention in the Big Issue Magazine recently about the ‘Stream‘ exhibition. John Elliott has transformed the Wagon gallery at Tiverton Museum with Stream, an installation of more than 200 multicoloured butterflies dancing in swirls and eddies bewteen the wooden carts and hay wains, as the water onec flowed past Constable’s. It… Read more »

Route Deja Vu

I just had one of those odd moments that happen when you are stuck and are trawling through Google and you come across something you have written. At the moment I have a blessed respite from the usual rubbish at work of sorting out and extending other peoples bad code, and I am writing a… Read more »

I feel… everything

Recently my friend and ex colleague Hannah Storie pointed me towards a wonderful piece of online art called ‘We Feel Fine’ We feel fine is a work of art both on the level of… well art and looks to be a beautiful demonstration of the programmer’s art. As an artist and as a programmer… Read more »