Monthly Archives: September 2007

A simple PHP calendar function

Recently I needed a calendar to display on a site. I looked around for something I could just cut and paste and drop in but I couldn’t find anything, but picked up something I had started about six months earlier and which had then fallen by the wayside. Now calendars aren’t actually very complicated, but… Read more »


I saw two videos today both of them were disturbing in thier own ways the similarity – electricity. The first one shows a guy with the worlds fastest electric drag bike – crashing it. The second clip shows a student getting zapped with a tazer gun at a rally for US presidential candidate John Kerry.

Portfolio 2004 -2007

A few sites from my Portfolio 2004 – 2007. Working as Senior Developer for COSMIC. I developed a PHP CMS framework called Rocket which is as the core of most of these sites. The projects include: E-commerce Content Management Systems Custom Programming & Database Integration

Stream :: Photographs

We had the private view for the show last Friday and had quite a good turnout – over 250 people saw the piece last weekend and I had some great feedback. (Click on the image to see the gallery of the photographs)