Monthly Archives: July 2007

My Blog Interview

I’ve got a blog interview on – check it out. After all a bit of shameless self publicity never hurt anyone… and this is a blog afte rall.

Complementary Artworks

Untitled 2007.03 (2007) Wood, Paint, Ceramic, Vinyl When your car goes wrong you take it to the garage and if you are lucky you a complementary artwork car in return. Last week I had a piece of work back from it’s owner that had been damaged in a serious dusting accident. Having fixed it, it… Read more »

Review by Nick Kaplony

Nick Kaplony, the Exhibitions Organiser at the Pump House Gallery in London, has kindly written a review of my work to support an Arts Council application I’m writing. It can be odd to see your name in print. When first encountering the work of John Elliott one is struck simultaneously and strongly by qualities of… Read more »