Monthly Archives: June 2007

Interesting Times

I’ve recently handed in my notice, and am leaving COSMIC. As is the way of these things though, everything has got quite interesting all of a sudden. For instance, there has been quite a lot of interest in the car share booking system that I wrote for – it is a curious situation to… Read more »

Recent Projects

I’ve just completed quite a major project. An e-commerce site for Joshua’s Harvest Store in Devon. The shop has about 4000 products and ties into a 3rd party stock control system that is used in their shop. Every day the products listed on the site are syncronised with the stock control system using a scheduled… Read more »

Multiple CMS systems with Symbolic Links

If you are a web developer you will very often be in the situation where you have to manage a server that has a large number of websites running on it all of which are running the same Content Management System. So far so good, everything is in one place and you know how your… Read more »

Just Imagine

strong>If I was a Genetic Engineer I would help people to Purr. As you lie in post-coital torpor, Purr contentedly. Avoid embarrassing gaps in conversation, simply purr. No need to talk at a job interview, Just Purr with calm assurance.