Tunng promotes paranoia whilst driving

This morning whilst driving to work, I listened to Tunng. Mistake.

You’ve all heard of work safe music – well there is also car safe.

Car safe is self explanatory – if you listen to techno whilst driving, chances are you are driving like a twat – if you listen to Tunng paranoia will ensue…

The trouble is there are a lot of weird noises – I would not recommend that you listen to it in your car as you will suffer from the fear that your car is about to die in a bad way. We’ve just bought a new car – diesel – so it sounds like a tractor anyway.

Check out Tunng – they are great.

Tunng Album Cover

5 Responses to “Tunng promotes paranoia whilst driving”

  1. Darfuria

    Ah, yes. Car safe music. No, paranoia and driving don’t go well together.

    There is also, as I learned, bus safe music…

  2. Darfuria

    Going to really bug me now. – What’s that really, really happy song, which is at the start of the album you listened to yesterday. I can’t think of it, and it’s stuck in my head. Aggghhhh!