Monthly Archives: March 2007


My WordPress Gallery plugin is almost ready. It is still not quite ready forpublic consumption, but it is up and running on the new version of the site I built it for ( website of my friend James Cameron a seriously up and coming photographer) – you can see the new version here at – we… Read more »

Tunng promotes paranoia whilst driving

This morning whilst driving to work, I listened to Tunng. Mistake. You’ve all heard of work safe music – well there is also car safe. Car safe is self explanatory – if you listen to techno whilst driving, chances are you are driving like a twat – if you listen to Tunng paranoia will ensue…… Read more »

How do you Learn?

Yesterday I was talking to someone who asked me how I went about picking up a new language (we were talking specifically about ColdFusion). I’ve never done anything with ColdFusion but naturally I am aware of it both in the sense of a Programming Language and of friends doing dangerous free energy experiments… So I replied… Read more »