The Divine Comedy

There is a Circle of Hell reserved for those who try and delve to deeply into the APIs of other people’s applications. I have been furtling around in the belly of WordPress tryng to build my gallery plugin and to be honest it has not been easy. Only the knowledge that it was possible kept me going. I have had to try and decipher far too much source code for my own good.

Actually its not that bad, the only real bitch was trying to add rewrite rules to WordPress and finally, yesterday I got that part working. All that’s left now is just grunt work, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

┬áThe trouble is this – WordPress is a not insubstantial lump of code, and I guess it has simply acreted over time so any attempts to wipe the slate clean and impose order (whilst maintaining backwards compatability)┬ámust be jaw-droppingly hard for the developers, the other problem is that a large and evolving project needs an awful lot of documentation.

As I drove to work I was thinking that exposing your API to the world must be a bit like flashing, maybe its a thrill, you get to show your stuff to the world, but there is always the risk that people will just laugh.