Go on, give me a Mac

So far in my life I have not been a big fan of Macs, but the new ads are funny. On the other hand my bad experience was a old G4 that was no longer suitable for the job in hand… anyway the new ones look delicious, I wish my laptop was a white slab of gorgeousness.

I am however willing to be persuaded. Apple UK, please hear my plea. I would like a 17″ MacBook Pro (an iPod would be nice too)… I will give a free and fair appraisal of your fine products. And I am quite sure I can be persuaded of their perfection.

5 Responses to “Go on, give me a Mac”

  1. Darfuria

    Regardless of the new adverts, I’d still go for a PC over a mac. I wouldn’t say no to having a mac as well, but if it was a choice out of the two then PC all the way.

    “Mac killed my inner child”.

    The only reason they didn’t have viruses is because people who develop viruses and harmful applications want to affect the vast majority of people.

    Aside from that, PCs have the wider range of compatibility, usability, and you don’t get insulted as much!

    Oh, by the way, iPods aren’t that great either. I’d go for a Zen 😛

  2. Flipflops

    A friend of mine bought one of those Acer Ferrari laptops – I think that is about as nice as a PC can get.

    The thing is – at heart I am an artist, and the shear amount of love and care that has gone into Mac design is breathtaking. In a funny sort of way it doesn’t matter how well the actually work. How well computers work is pretty much down to perception anyway.

    When all we had was Win 95 we all got on with it – after all it was a serious improvement on what went before.

  3. Darfuria

    Well, it is, after all, a matter of personal choice and what you aim to achieve. I’m not going to go with the stereotype of “Macs suck” and be completely true to it, because I’ve never really used one, and if I did I probably wouldn’t be using it for what they’re made to do.

    The Acer laptops are pretty nice, as is the machine I have right now. It will rip holes in the space-time continuum sooner or later, I swear.

    The thing about today’s technology is you have a selection. I think a PC is better for the kind of work you do at work; programming and website development, etc. but as I don’t really know where your personal interests lie, and what you intend to do when you use a PC at home, I can’t really make comment on what having a mac would do for you.

    If you just want things to look pretty then why not go about styling Windows?

  4. Pete

    I have an imac 17″ and an ipod & i love them because they look sexy.
    I hate grey/beige/charcoal/whatever coloured bollocks PC boxes.
    PCs are for the masses.
    Macs are for those who are unashamedly pretentious.
    I am a Mac LOVER!

    Long live Apple.

  5. Flipflops

    Well, I am an artist so I would like to think I am pretentious eneough…