Monthly Archives: February 2007

Getting Bake to Work

A really powerful feature of CakePHP is bake –  a script located at  /cake/scripts/bake.php – it is similar in function to the Ruby on Rails Scaffold application – it is a command line programme that can generate outline or scaffolding code to carry out simple CRUD operations, based solely on your database structure. I have had quite… Read more »

Thickbox vs. Lightbox

My gallery plugin for WordPress is up and running now – there are still a lot of loose ends to tie up, but the principle is sound and it works well. Hopefully it’ll be tidied up eneough to let free in the world in a week or so, but first there are all the little… Read more »

The Divine Comedy

There is a Circle of Hell reserved for those who try and delve to deeply into the APIs of other people’s applications. I have been furtling around in the belly of WordPress tryng to build my gallery plugin and to be honest it has not been easy. Only the knowledge that it was possible kept… Read more »