Why Rod Eddington is a F***er

Rod Eddington is a F***er. In fact he deserves to be described in far worse terms. Last week in the Eddington Report he called for a national system of road pricing to tackle congestion and climate change.

Systems like the proposed charge per mile travelled are very crude tool, and are an attack on our freedoms. A road pricing scheme will have a disproportionate affect on the poorer parts of our society. Infact the only people who will not be affected are the greasy corporate parasites like Mr Eddington himself who will sail past in their chauffeur driven vehicles (paid for by the company, of course), oblivious to the belt tightening and trouble caused by the members of our society who are not the recipients of six figure salaries (plus bonuses). But clearly if people are going to suffer it is their own fault.

Our current government (both local and national), are ever eager to address inequality and create a fairer and less divided society, and have fallen in love over many years with taxes targeted directly at the less well off.

  • Congestion Charges
  • Fixed Penalty Fines
  • Parking Permits
  • etc.

I have been writing this post for a very long time now, just this week there has been a lot of talk about how there is a deliberate policy of raising train fares to discourage people from travelling by train in an effort to tackle overcrowding. I don’t doubt that its is true in part.

Don’t you just love joined up government?

The other thing that made me want to laugh (and cry) was Richard Branson talking about we should all travel by train in the UK rather than fly. The fare for an open return from London to Manchester is now over £200. Go Richy Boy Go.


One Response to “Why Rod Eddington is a F***er”

  1. Darfuria

    “Go Richy Boy Go.”

    Hurrah for upper class people who really don’t show any signs of knowing what it’s like to live the average-person’s life.

    I swear, I would pay so much to get the upper class food critics of this world and give them all super noodles for a week. Let’s see them have an in-depth conversation about the textures of foods then.

    Trains all over England? Yeah, I’m sure people feel really comfortable taking forms of national and international transport right now.

    However, were both the pay-per-mile and the travel by train thing to kick off, the all new road pricing scheme wouldn’t have much to say for itself.

    Probably just be Richard Branson driving about in his £400,000 car. “Go RIchy Boy Go” indeed.