Monthly Archives: January 2007

A to Z links with CakePHP

On a lot of websites, especially directories or those which contain large amounts of alphabetical data you see A to Z lists. You know the idea, click on a A and see every entry beginning with A, click on B… etc. then… Well, here is how to do it with Cake (a new PHP application development… Read more »

Yesterday in PHP

$yesterday = date(“d/m/Y”, time()-86400); (I have a mental block and can never rember if it is PHP or MySQL with the %Y etc.)

Things on Paper

Planning the design of my new project – Art Thing ( It is going to be a kind of gallery and exhibition guide, but anybody is free to register and add a review. It has some very cool stuff like a geo-coding system that will show you any gallery using embedded goggle maps.

Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP

I was reading the Google Group for Cake PHP today, one of the posts mentioned a link to a really good set of tutorials about Cake, which I have been reading this afternoon. You need to register for an IBM id but it definately worth it – I wish I had found out about the articles a… Read more »