Don’t you just hate cold calls?

It really annoys me when I get phoned up by a guy (or girl) trying to sell me a holiday in Florida… or a satelite dish or double glazing… especially double glazing. I live in a listed building and I couldn’t get UPVC even if I wanted to – ever night I’m cold and reminded that I am cold becuase I went for looks when I bought a house.

I suppose I could flog a kidney and pay for replacement double glazed sash windows (if I was lucky) – but hell everthing needs doing the wiring, the insulation, the…

I spent a summer as a telemarketer once as a student and almost got sucked into another job desperate for cash when I got back from my rouned the world trip, so I do have some sympathy. Not a lot mind you, but some… people used to threaten to kill me – which isn’t very nice.

This isn’t very nice either but it is funny:

One Response to “Don’t you just hate cold calls?”

  1. Dan

    I often get people who get really angry with me when I answer the phone at reception. They’ll say something, and the person it’s for won’t be in the office, and there’ll be nothing on space about it, so I’ll have to say “Could you call back or could I take a message?”.

    People seem to get quite angry at that, which is annoying. It’s not my fault!