Monthly Archives: November 2006

Don’t you just hate cold calls?

It really annoys me when I get phoned up by a guy (or girl) trying to sell me a holiday in Florida… or a satelite dish or double glazing… especially double glazing. I live in a listed building and I couldn’t get UPVC even if I wanted to – ever night I’m cold and reminded… Read more »

The Top 10 Spaceships – Ever

There are a couple of lists of the top 10 spaceships ever. Not very good lists. Here is mine (in no particular order) – but there is no question about it books need to be included too. Discovery One (2001: A Space Odyssey) – Nothing much needs to be said. The discovery sets… Read more »

Code is Poetry

Lately I’ve been building both my first WordPress Plugins and my first diddy little applicationlets in CakePHP. Both have been good – WordPress is doable and not grim to work with although the quantity of functions to wade through is quite bewildering at times, but at the end of the day it’s just like the stuff… Read more »