Monthly Archives: July 2006

A small thing to make one stop and think

Last night for supper we ate grilled lemon sole and a kind of pasta and spinich salad made with lots of sun-dried tomatoes and haloumi. Every time I eat haloumi I notice that it sqeaks pleasingly on your teeth as you eat it. Now that is something to make one stop and think.

New day, new host, new background

I have had to dramatically dump my hosting last week, which was a shame in some ways because I have been with them for about 4 years and they used to be very good. Earlier this year the company seemed to go bust (without warning) and then reform and then email all of its customers… Read more »

The Curse of Removable Media

These days when everything is USB tastic and we are all swamped with more gadgets and widgets than we can shake a stick at, there is one problem that gets me time and time again. It got me again this orning and I thought I’d write it down so I didn’t have to ask Rob… Read more »

Why do you have to be a Hero to wear boots ?

On Tuesday night I went to the cinema and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean (excellent) and then last night I saw Serenity – also excellent, but as I sat watching my film enjoying a bottle of fine wine, something occurred to me: Why do you have to be a Hero to wear boots?… Read more »