Monthly Archives: March 2006

Visited Countries

My sister sent me this – interesting idea – these are the countries I have visited. And these are those that I would like to visit… Now what on earth does that say about me ? create your own visited countries map

Pottering slowly with Ruby on Rails

I’ve just got my hands on the Pragmatic Programmers Programming Ruby and Agile Web development with Rails and have been wading my way slowly through it all. The slowness is not I must hasten to add a result of some facet of Rails or a pair of unreadable books (and boy do I have a… Read more »

Flashes from the archives of oblivion

Yes I know that this is the name of a Roy Harper album – and a very good one at that, but so many of the great titles have gone already, that being so it is only fair to indulge in a bit of reference and homage. Have been inspired by reading Mr LB’s blog… Read more »