Deja Vu

Awoke this morning feeling bad. Tired and Groggy. Since I’m working from home today I decided to go for a run, having not bothered for a few weeks.

7.20 am in a dark and wet Devon. I was struck by the oddest Deja Vu that richoched between the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and the city of Valparaiso in Chile. Why running through the rain I should have such powerfull sense of these places I am not sure.

Some friends of mine are in South America for 6 months or so at the moment and I remember talking to them about Valparaiso and what a fabulous place it was. Lately as autumn draws in the air here is always thick with wood smoke from people fires (a lovely smell for all you city types that tickles your nose gentley) – that definately reminds me of Valparaiso – the difference being they’ve taken the smoke thing a little far and when we were there it swirled about in the evening mixed with ocean fog in a Dickensian miasma…

But Malaysia ? Well it was raining and I think I was running past trees at the time other than that…

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