Monthly Archives: September 2002


We visited the great Moorish and Renaisence palace and fortress on the hill overlooking Granada. Stark Cubistic Islamic military architecture in the Alhambra fortress. Perfect for B&W architectural photography. The buildings known as the Nazrin palaces we the homes of the Sultans and are absolutely extrordinary, apparently they are the best surviving examples of this… Read more »

Hello Granada

Granada. Hostel Castile 15 euro – cheapest in town. Perfect if a touch loud, up a long dark romantic staircase in a funny old appartment block right in the center of town equiped with a Spaniel called Lamb. Windy lanes & hot sun & dodgy Morrocans trying to sell us Hash. A town with lovely… Read more »

Sleeping on rocks

Moved to another campsite outside Rhonda. It was very nice, unfortunately I destroyed our food. Rhonda looks wild – like something out of an Escher or Piranessi drawing. Ground was like rock and we slept badly.

Los Viasages

Hills outside Cordoba. Emptyness. Pine rather than Eucalyptus. Soft needles to sleep on at an empty camp site. Toliet block reminicent of the great hall at Arakeen (see Dune).